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New !slots command

New !slots command

I recently finally went ahead and renamed my bot to KitsuneeMaid and gave her an original character and decided now would be the best time to make a new slots command happen!

The new !slots command keeps track of your results, which you can check using !slots record. To keep a bit of balance the command now has a cooldown, which is currently set to 1hour. Note that this cooldown will not reset should the bot need to reboot!

KitsuneeMaid hasn't moved to her Linux machine yet, so she's still running on my PC for now. I'm planning to get a new monitor first. The Commands Page has been updated already (and of course also renamed).

Try out the command in #play-room on my Discord Server

Popout-Maker v1.2.1

I updated Popout-Maker with a new interface and used that to re-learn some CSS things I hadn't used in a while. Really starting to love throwing slight gradients and text-shadows everywhere.

I also fixed a bug that I never noticed. Apparently, when taking the data for $_GET PHP filters out slashes that follow eachother. This happened for http://, which basically broke the API's output and therefore the entire point of presets, being that you can just open a bookmark, press Enter and have your popout.

2017 Art Recap

2017 Art Recap

Turns out I made a bunch of pixelart in 2017. Let's take that as the thing to remember from this year. The art, fun had with speedruns and all the amazing people I've met [...]