KitsuneeMaid Bot Commands


Name Variables Explanation
!commands Posts the link to this page here
Stream status commands
!uptime Posts the uptime of the current stream
Link commands
!discord Posts the link to my discord server
!faq Posts the faq for my current speedrun project
!fc Posts my friendcodes (Currently LoveLiveSIF and Nintendo Switch)
!popout Posts the Popout-Maker Twitch url for my twitch channel
!social Posts the link to my Twitter and YouTube-Channel
Other commands
!hug optional: Person you want to hug Get or give a free hug. To give a hug the bot must have seen that user in chat before!
Quote commands
!irlrng “IRL RNG from electro-chemical impulse variance”
!phoebe “Phoebe? More like Freebie”
!spoilers “I see spoilers, but no racecars to put spoilers on mitsuRage”
!wallhack “According to the principle of tunneling, with enough velocity (i.e. kinetic energy) any real object can clip through a real wall”


Name Variables Explanation
!llsifcard card-id (limited to #play-room) Posts information about a card from Love Live School Idol Festival by card-id
!slots roll (default),
(limited to #play-room) Slot machine minigame with custom emotes. You can view your record using !slots record. This command has a cooldown of 1hr!