Speedrun PBs

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PMD: Blue Rescue Team PMD: Blue Rescue Team
any% Single-Segment 3:14:36 play
any% NG True Ending (easy) 1:03:48.28 play
any% NG Judas Ending (easy) 25:23.54 play
Portal Portal
Out Of Bounds 10:24.70 play
Inbounds 16:39.90 play
Glitchless 20:57.94 play
Portal - Category Extensions Portal - Category Extensions
Inbounds, No Saveglitch 17:11.04 play
100% 57:28.44 play
100% inbounds 1:06:50.58 play
Pokemon Emerald Pokemon Emerald
any% Glitchless 3:00:38 play
Portal: Still Alive Portal: Still Alive
Inbounds 13:35.83 play
Glitchless 15:50.50 play
Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls
any% NG+ (Crusader) 1:36:50.61 play
GEAR: Full Circle GEAR: Full Circle
any% Mild 22:20.91 play
All Secrets Spiky 28:19.81 play
100% Orange Juice 100% Orange Juice
QP's Scenario 22:13 play
Sweet Breaker's Scenario 16:46.23 play